Real Life Update & Message
Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been very active in my different comms (I'll be posting this on some of them also with the mods permisson), but my real life got a little out of control the last few months and I needed to stop to focus on that. In the process of almost losing our home (which is still a possibility) and dealing with family drama, my sister and I started a handmade geeky crafts shop. We started it to help raise money to save our home, a way to relieve stress and to show some of the craft skills that our mother taught us when we were kids. It started lout just a small business for friends, work peeps and family could order gifts for the holidays, but word got out and and Etsy shop was born CraftyGeekGirls.

Now things are going well for us, thus my return to LJ, but we are trying to make things go a little better. We've in the past attended conventions (like most fans do at least once), and now we want to take Crafty Geek Girls to the conventions also. So we've started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to do just that.  Please take a moment to go check out our campaign and our shop. If you can help with any kind of pledge we will love you forever!!!

{Mulit-Fandom Challenge} H/C Bingo Round #5 Card
Steve Rogers
So I'm going to try it again ... I'm hoping my muse and RL will let me do a better job with this round then I did with the last.

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The Real Me - A Grant Ward Fanmix
Phil Coulson

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The Real Me

{ICONS}Round #22 TV Show 20x20 - Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock BBC)
John Watson

Close Crop B&W Scenery Alone in the Dark Royals Determined
Blind From Behind Brave Light Gold

CATEGORY - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5

Artist's Choice #1 Artist's Choice #2 Artist's Choice #3 Artist's Choice #4 Artist's Choice #5

Pimp Post!!!! A Tolkien Land Comm!

Do you like Lord of the Rings? Have you read The Hobbit hundreds of times?
Do you wish you lived in the Shire? Or under a mountain? Or in the Last Homely House? Or the White City?

This is the Land Comm for you!
Come join in the quest, have an adventure or two, be able to tell a tale when you find your way back home.
Come join the fun in middleland

Choose a fellowship

The Contract (FAQ)

** If you join please mention the sumer_starlight sent you **

{ICONS} Character Draw 20x20 Round #7 - Tasting
John Watson

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Call For Help!
So I normally keep my RL away from my LJ life, but the situation demands that I seek help where ever I can at the moment.

My family (the lovely people that they are) have decided to sale the house my siblings and I currently live in out from under us and have giving us until the 1st of July to get out. The problem we face is that due to medical emergencies, funeral expenses and other issues that have come up the last few years we have NO savings to afford this move. So we're asking for help, any donation would be appreciated, or just posting this link for other people to see would be a big help also.

Thanks in advance!

{ICONS} Character Draw 20x20 Round #6 - Crowley (Supernatural)

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{ICONS} TVShow 20in20 Round 20 - Movies


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AvLand Challenge Fill - Set of 30 Icons
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